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Eye care services in Santa Rosa, CA

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Fitting at Empire Optometry of Santa Rosa

At Empire Optometry in Santa Rosa, we understand that clear vision is an essential part of your daily life. That's why we are proud to offer comprehensive contact lens fitting services to ensure that your lenses provide the best possible vision correction and comfort.

The Importance of a Proper Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting is a critical step in ensuring that your contact lenses are comfortable and provide optimal vision. Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all, and a proper fitting is necessary to find the right type and size of lens for your unique eyes. Our experienced optometrists take the time to conduct a thorough examination of your eyes and discuss your lifestyle needs to determine the best contact lens options for you.

What to Expect During Your Contact Lens Fitting?

When you visit our clinic for a contact lens fitting, you can expect the following steps:

  1. Comprehensive Eye Exam: Before fitting you with contact lenses, we perform a detailed eye exam to assess your vision and eye health. This exam helps us determine your prescription and identify any conditions that may affect your ability to wear contact lenses.

  2. Discussion of Lens Types: We offer a variety of contact lens types, including daily disposables, extended wear, and many more. We are also one of the only offices that fits specialty lenses such as RGP, hybrid and scleral lenses for patients with different shaped corneas or other visual needs that we cannot address in a soft contact lens. Our optometrists will discuss the benefits of each type and help you choose the best option based on your vision needs and lifestyle.

  3. Measurements: Precise measurements of your eyes are taken to ensure a proper fit. This includes the curvature of your cornea and the size of your pupil and iris. These measurements are crucial for comfort and the effectiveness of your contact lenses.

  4. Trial Lenses: We provide trial lenses for you to wear, allowing us to evaluate the fit and your vision with the lenses in place. This step ensures that the chosen lenses are suitable for your eyes and provide the clarity you need.

  5. Instruction on Lens Care: Our team will instruct you on how to properly insert, remove, and care for your contact lenses. Proper hygiene and maintenance are essential for the health of your eyes and the longevity of your lenses.

  6. Follow-Up: After you've had some time to adjust to your new lenses, we schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that the lenses are still fitting well and that your vision is clear. We address any concerns you may have and make any necessary adjustments.

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Benefits of Contact Lenses

With contact lenses, savor the freedom of experiencing a world where your vision isn't confined by frames. Feel the liberation as you embrace a boundless view of the world around you.

  • Wider field of vision

  • No reflections or obstructions from glasses

  • Freedom in sports and physical activities

  • The chance to show your natural beauty

Why Choose Empire Optometry for Your Contact Lens Fitting?

Empire Optometry is dedicated to providing personalized eye care. We take pride in our patient-centered approach and use the latest technology to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. Our optometrists have extensive experience in fitting contact lenses and are committed to finding the perfect match for your eyes.

Our Patient-Centric Approach

We understand that every eye is unique. That's why we approach each appointment with individualized attention. Our experts take the time to truly understand your vision needs and lifestyle, ensuring that you walk away with the perfect solution. Here's what makes us stand apart:

  • Personalized Care: Our experienced optometrists provide custom-tailored eye care services

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We use the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate diagnoses and precise treatments for all your eye care needs.

  • Comfortable Environment: Our office is designed to make you feel at home, with a relaxing atmosphere that puts you at ease during your appointment.

  • Friendly Staff: Our team of dedicated staff members are here to guide you through the process and make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Need Your Eyes Checked?

Book Your Eye Exam at Empire Optometry Today!

Whether you are new to contact lenses or looking to update your current lenses, we are here to provide you with the professional care and attention you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your contact lens fitting and take the first step towards clear, comfortable vision.

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